Rory Hinnen


Software Development
Writing code since the mid-eighties. Self taught 65c02 assembly, Basic, Fortran, Pascal, C, C++, Objective C, Perl, Swift. Use Swift for iOS development, as well as server side (Kitura and Vapor). One app available on iTunes Store, a second in development.
System Administration
Set up and install operating systems on multiuser platforms, including Sun, SGI, and Linux. Design and implement backup strategies, design and implement firewall strategies, design and set up multi-user email solutions. Troubleshoot networking and throughput issues, help design and implement distributed home directory and software distribution strategies.
Database Design & Management
Design and implement databases to manage software change requests, manage software deltas, produce supporting documentation for change board review.
Content Production
Video production, both documentary style and single camera style for training. All aspects from writing, production, asset creation, direction, performance and post production.
Customer & Schedule Sensitive
Always customer focused. Very happy when my creations are used in some way.
Shoot stereo with a vintage slide camera, experimenting with tintype using a small Graflex. Enjoy creative writing, model making, and tailoring.